Castellon de la Plana

I'm happy to report that we arrived at Kelly & April's without too much stress. We did end up driving through two parking garages trying to find our way to their apartment up and down tiny one-way streets. But in the end, we got here safe and sound. After exploring their huge amazing apartment (accompanied with appropriate sounds of awe) and a late lunch, we spent a couple of hours at the beach. It was windy and wonderful. The kids never stopped; in and out of the waves, a sand castle here, frisbee throwing there.

We did have one coffee exploding incident that has left the kitchen ceiling permanently marked, but it was a small price to pay for a great day.

Oh yeah, listening to the conversation in the kitchen while I write this; one other down side of this vacation is that the punsters Kelly and Troy are reunited and in full swing. Let the eye-rolling begin!


Jenn said...

Exploding coffee? This one requires more detail....

Sounds like a great little adventure getting there, and I'm sure the beach was worth your directional challenges.

Heather said...

We're not quite sure how it happened, but the tiny little stove-top coffee maker shot expresso pretty much ALL over the kitchen. No kidding. There are coffee stains on the ceiling. Go figure. And there was still a lot of coffee in the pot!