Water Music and an Afternoon Ramble

The past few days have been full of bickering children, pools of spilled milk in random places, huge stacks of laundry sitting in the living room that need to be put away, and a completely crashed computer. You get the picture.

This afternoon the kids and I met our friends Sarah, Ivan and Sam for a picnic and such. It was great; just what I needed to get me out of the basement, from in front of my computer. The kids had a ball and hopefully got rid of some of their bickering energy. Tomorrow will tell I'm sure!

After our lunch, Sarah and I sat in the shade and watched the four kids play in a babbling little stream. Just enough water to get little boys wet and muddy without any fears of drowning or being swept off, never to be seen again. I enjoyed sitting on the bank, surrounded with patchy shade and ferns wagging in the breeze, watching the kids play.

Meg is part hummingbird, part goat. She took off her shoes and socks and flitted around effortlessly, slim little white feet clinging to rocks. Funny girl. She's actually really good at climbing.

Nic began as a fussy little worrier. A "cracket" was going to hurt him, he was going to fall down, etc. He is such a city boy! Anyway, at one point he just decided that he was going to get his shoes wet and when Mom didn't object, he became King Kong, happily tromping up and down the stream. By the time we left there were not very many dry spots on him.

At one point, I got disturbed that the little sticks and pine cones I was throwing into the stream were getting hung up. (Of course that means the ones that were actually landing anywhere near the flow of water!) I got up with my stick and got busy cleaning out a channel. As I cleared twigs and sodden pine cones and muck, I could hear the subtle changes in the music the brook was making. For some reason, this resonated in a special way to me. I cleared out some debris, and I moved a couple of rocks that opened up a small tributary where no water had been flowing before. I felt like that's what God has been doing in my life. We've been clearing some debris, and maybe things will flow better now. And He is opening up channels that I never expected.

We came home wet and muddy, fingers stained with blackberry juice. Most of the ripe ones along the path had already been eaten, but we risked little prickles to find a few treasures hiding under leaves.

It was just what I needed today.


Troy said...


I loved reading this. Just a really good piece of writing.

In particular, these phrases/sentences struck me:

"ferns wagging in the breeze"

"Meg is part hummingbird, part goat."

"...he became King Kong, happily tromping up and down the stream."

"As I cleared twigs and sodden pine cones and muck, I could hear the subtle changes in the music the brook was making."


"fingers stained with blackberry juice"

Great images, hon.

Of course, I resonate with and share the sense you have that God is opening up channels we never expected. Thanks for writing this. It's filled with so much hope.

Love you,

Monaca said...

It was great to read this. It is good to know how God is working in you right now. Let me know how I can be praying. I also echo Troy in saying this is "a really good piece of writing."
Missing you,

Sophie said...

Hey....you took ALL my comments off!!!!!LOL!

Mimi Hudson said...

I love this blog! It helps me "get inside your skin" so to speak. Thanks for sharing.
P.S. I would love to let my girls play at the park with your kids. Maybe someday.

Heather said...

Hey Mimi! Troy & I were just talking about it just wasn't the same at staff conference without you guys! We missed you.

I had no idea you read my blog :)But I'm glad you are stopping by.

Hugs to you and yours!