How sweet is my Hubby?

I wrote about our anniversary first, but I think my hubby outdid me....

Fourteen years ago today…
I didn’t drink coffee.
we kissed.
I had one year left of college.
you cried.
we were childless.
I spent the morning with my friend Joel.
we exchanged rings.
I sang to you.
we sang together.
I had lots of hair on my scalp and none on my chin.
we had room service.
I merely tolerated secular music.
we spent the night in St. Paul Hotel.
my glasses were large enough to be deemed “goggles.”
Joy’s picture sat on the platform.
I wore a tux with an ascot and you wore a white dress.
we vowed to love each other and stay with each other no matter what.
I saw you for only half the day.
was a day of joy.

I had two cups of coffee.
we kissed.
I still haven’t finished graduate school.
Meaghan cried.
we have kids!
Joel is in heaven.
I can slip off my ring, but I don’t want to.
I fried some bacon.
we typed together.
I have little hair on my scalp, a bush on my chin and some shoots out my nose.
you’re making pizza.
I have virtually every cd R.E.M. has ever released.
we woke up in the Cady Hotel in Madrid, Spain.
my glasses are hip, but with pieces missing because of our demon dog.
Joy’s picture sits on a white shelf in our house.
we’re wearing shorts.
I vow to love you and stay with you no matter what.
I saw you from the time I opened my eyes this morning.
is a day of greater joy.

is in God’s hands, but as long as we’re both alive I’ll still drink coffee with you and kiss you and wear my ring and cry with you and wake up with you and laugh with you and waste time with you. You alone hold my heart, my love.

I think I better keep him!


Jenn said...

Very sweet. I almost got a cavity - but it was an emotional one, so they are ok ;)
Troy is a good writer. He's also an excellent husband. Of course, I'm going by what you tell me, and not first hand experience, although I DO have an excellent husband.
I kissed him this morning, when he went off to work.

My husband that is, not yours.

Happy Thursday !

Ana Michelsen said...

Like the new format! Groovy babe!

Jenn said...

oh yeah Heather - I do have IM - MSN and Yahoo - I'll email you with my names, since I don't trust some wacko crazy person who might stumble upon your blog to come stalking me in IM form.....I'm paranoid like that. See you soon in the cyberworld!

Sophie said...

Wow.....beautiful...don't you just love it when they get all poetical????