Growing Pains

Today Meg was huddled on the stairs in tears because "her leg was sore!" I picked her up and took her into my bedroom where I applied the heating pad and baby aspirin. I have vivid memories of the excrutiating growing pains in my legs that I experienced when I was her age. I know, a lot of good they did me! I remember my parents putting hot wet washcloths on my scrawny little legs to ease the ache.

Growing pains take on different disguises as we get older, but I find that I still have them even at 36. I remember when I was 18 and recovering from a badly broken heart. Once again my Mom ministered to my pain by handing me the car keys on a Sunday afternoon and suggesting me go for a drive. So I drove and I cried and poured out my broken heart to her.

For me, some of the worst growing pains I had to endure where the ones while Mom was dying and after her death. It seemed unbearable that she was not there to help ease the deepest pain I had yet to face.

But I grew.

It makes me sad to think of the growing pains that Meg will have to endure in the next year. I pray she will be spared from some of the ones I went through. And I pray that I'll be able to minister to her pain as well as my Mom did mine. Heating pads and aspirin are easy. We'll see how I deal with the rest!


Monaca said...

I don't think I ever told you how much I admire you. You are a good mom, a good wife, and (most relevant to me) a good friend. Meg and Nic and Troy and you are in my prayers every day.
Love you.

Jenn said...

Ooooh , Poor Meg.
Oddly enough, I never had any physical growing pains....and I'm 5'8"
Had plenty of other growing pains though.
Pain sucks. but it makes us stronger.
How truly blessed your family is, to have you to strengthen and support them through their times of pain. I know you must miss your mom Heather. It sounds like she was truly gifted in healing your heart, and comforting you. Thats something you have in common.

Kate said...

You're in my prayers, Heather. I know God will guide you in giving Meg what she needs. She is certainly blessed to have a mom who cares so much about her and will do anything for her.