14 Years!

This morning I was awakened by a small boy who made several trips in and out of our room to bring all the necessary stuff for a proper morning cuddle. This included his pillow, his green blankie, Baby Max (the tiny toy dog,) Baby Max's bed, a toy for Mom, Dad & Nic (a stuffed sheep, a fox puppet and a stuffed Larry the Cucumber) and strict instructions on proper behavior; "Stop kissing my back Mom or I will go sit on the stairs." For awhile I just dozed and enjoyed the morning show. Until the trip to the bathroom and back involved a "Oops, I forgot to wipe! I'm so sorry about that Mom!" Good thing I was planning on changing the sheets today anyway!

Fourteen years ago today I woke up to our wedding day. The morning involved a bath, a trip to the hairdresser to get my hair done, avoiding seeing Troy at all costs, hoping my strapless bra would stay up in the muggy August weather and finally this:

GQ Pose Posted by Picasa

No laughing! I know, we look like we are about 12 and all that.

So here we are 14 years, 2 children, 3 dogs (only one at a time), 11 dwellings (including one on Troy Street) and quite a few pounds later. We're church-planters in Spain. Wow. How did we get from there to here?

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It has definitely been a wild ride. And although I am not a fan of rollercoasters, I am definitely going to stay strapped in and see where this ride takes us next. I have a feeling that there are still a few unexpected loops and twirls ahead!

Happy Anniversary Rev. T. ILYMTYALTT.


Troy said...


I wouldn't want to ride life's roller coaster with anyone else. Apart from Jesus, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You have my heart.

I love you.

Sophie said...

Hey Guys,
Congratulations.....hope you had a fun day being together. Roll on 15 years....I can hardly believe it. It is truly a gift. We were so young, we are so young.....Mmmm!
Love Sophie

Jenn said...

14 years!!!!! WOW - well you must have been verrrrrry young. Still looking happy and in love, so you must be doing something right. Loved the wedding pic.
Happy Anniversary Heather and Troy. May you be blessed to spend many more together.

Ana Michelsen said...

I also read this, and indeed you two look like 12 in the photo, but I must say it is a great blessing to have you as my church pastors (??) and I praise God for this marriage and for everything around it, including insane Lexi and your lovely children!

philxan said...

Wow! Congratulations! Wish we could be there to help celebrate. Roll on the next 14.

(I had wondered where you had gone, and am glad to see you back!)

Love and Blessings,

Phil, Alice, Xander and Zoe.