Today my friend Sarah and I went to the spa to celebrate summer and reward ourselves for our many sacrifices we make as moms. She kept saying she didn't deserve it. I kept telling her that was nuts.

It was wonderful. We were the only customers in the place and since I had been there before, (I am trying to get all my friends addicted.) they let us go down without an attendant to boss us around and force us to plunge in the icy cold pool. (Although Sarah actually liked plunging in it, go figure.) For an hour we soaked in the hot pool, walked in the rain room, and enjoyed the big pool with all the different jets. My favorite is the two that cascade water onto your neck and shoulders with such force you are practically knocked off your feet. It beats the stress right out of you. There is also '' the volcano," where huge bursts of water shoot up from the bottom and throw you around. It's guaranteed to jiggle out all the kinks.

At the end, we staggered to the heated tile chaise lounges that are contoured to cradle weary bodies deliciously. (Obviously this is not us, but you get the idea!) We managed to stay awake.

The charming lady at reception gave me a plastic bag for my wet suit and treated us like we were royalty, which makes going there even more worth it, not to mention the icy cold fruit juice you are served while sitting in comfy chairs.

I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight!


cheeky madam said...

it was great. Im definitely hooked. Thanks. And thanks for making me a blog star. Yippee

Heather said...

Good choice for your identity :) You were always a star...