Sad State of Affairs

So the other day, I helped Monaca get a counter on her blog. The same day, I reset my own counter, just for kicks. After a day or two had passed, I was roaming around on blogs, and thought about checking my counter to see how many hits I had gotten. Unfortunately, when I had this thought, I was on Mon's blog, which looks exactly like mine (I'd just like to say that I got it first!) I was very impressed because the counter said 37 or something like that! I said to Troy "Wow, I had no idea so many people read my blog!" Then I looked again, and said "Wait, this is Monaca's blog." So I clicked over to mine. Oh the humiliation and despair! The counter said 4.


Monaca said...

Don't worry, Heath, you do not have a sad and pathetic life... =P

Mike Clawson said...

Just so you know, We're reading... so that's two at least. (Though it'll probably only register as one since we use the same computer.) :)

BTW, thanks for taking care of our friend while she's away.

-Mike & Julie Clawson

Anskov said...

I'm reading it too!

Heather said...

Thanks for the encouragement guys :)