I Got Nothin'

We were supposed to leave on vacation yesterday. Our plans were to join our friends Jacob & Karen, the crazy Canucks for a week at a house about an hour away. It's nothing fancy, but has a pool. Jacob and Troy were planning on watching all the Pink Panther movies. You get the idea.

Unfortunately, our car is the in shop. Again. This is the second time this summer. Thankfully, this time was less dramatic. (Last time we were on the highway on our way home from church with a car full of stuff when the serpentine belt broke.) Something is funky with the electric system. Luis, the head guy at the Ford dealership where I always take the car, said he would start by replacing the fuse box and see from there. That was Thursday afternoon. He also told me that he didn't have any "huecos" (holes) in his schedule until next week. And yesterday I just found out that Monday is a holiday, so it's unlikely "Ford" (Meg's name for our car :) ) will get any attention until Tuesday.

Hopefully, we'll still be able to get in 4 days or so with the Ginters. In the meantime we've come around to the idea of having some real down time at home, so it's not so bad.

We're thinking it's time to start looking around for something to replace "Ford." Not my idea of fun. We bought "Ford" from someone in the church in Barcelona so it was a fairly safe proposition. This time around it's completely different.

So anyway, I am technically not at home, technically not writing on my blog since we are technically OUT OF TOWN and away from email.



Monaca said...

i hope vacations going well! I miss you guys!

Sophie said...

I am so sorry about "Ford" Too bad at least you are flying up here. Look farward to singing with you on friday!

Jenn said...

Hey Heather, hope you are having a great vacation. I got your updatem, and thought I'd check out your blog - Ha, now I don't have to wait for updates ;)
Oh, and you can see what we're doing here in Toronto!
Stay in touch my friend!

-jenn (from AA in Ecuador)