Pinch Me

Every once in awhile, it hits me out of the blue that we actually LIVE in Europe. Tonight we went to see the new Star Wars movie with our friends Jake & Karen. Other than freezing to the death in the theater because they had the air conditioning on so high, we had a blast. Afterwards, we were walking back through downtown Madrid towards the car (with a stop at Starbucks for hot coffee to thaw us out) and I was amazed again at the fact that I can wander around a European city so casually. It's so easy to forget, and ignore the amazing sights around me. So I tried to look up (instead of watching the sidewalk for things I shouldn't step in) and enjoy the beautiful architecture of Madrid.

The Starbucks we went to was two stories, and we snagged some comfy chairs right by a huge window. Talk about the perfect people watching spot! It was awesome. I think I will be going back there lots. I guess I better save up for the coffee though. As I was watching the people though, I was amazed (so much amazement in one night!) at how many different people God made. He's pretty smart!

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