Ode to Jacob on his 41st birthday

This is our friend Jacob (or Jake as I like to call him). Today he turns 41, and in his honor, I am going to tell you a story about him and my husband. It involves a lot of giggling, sort of like teen-age girls. I have been meaning to write it for a few days now, but since it's his birthday I really should do it today! And yes, Jake is a Canuck like me!

The other night, Troy went to a meeting in the city for an evangelistic crusade that will be happening later this month. He ran into Jake (who is his best friend) while there. At 10:30, when the meeting was supposed to have been finished for an hour already, Troy and Jake bailed on the meeting. Troy called to tell me they were going to get something to drink and I said I would not be waiting up for him to get home. So I went to bed.

At about 12:40 a.m. Meaghan came into my room and complained that the fan in her room was making a noise. I dragged myself out of bed, vaguely noticing that my husband was not in it. I fixed the fan problem, then went to search the house for Troy. Not there. The basement was empty, the garage was empty. I wasn't too worried yet (not awake enough) but I went upstairs to find my mobile so I could call him. Perhaps he had been detained by the police for not having a Spanish license. As I went upstairs, I could suddenly hear Troy's voice outside. I opened the front door, and there was my hubby, coming in. I looked beyond him, and there was no car in front of the house either. So I said to him "Where is the car?" at which point he got a horrified look on his face, gasped, then turned around and galloped across the grass in front of the house yelling for Jake, who had dropped him off and was driving away. I heard Troy say "The car is at Pinar!" (the local train station where he had parked the car earlier than evening) and then I heard Jake laugh hysterically. Troy jumped in the car and off they zoomed.

Turns out, they had been parked in front of the house gabbing for a couple of hours before Troy came in. And if Meaghan had not woken up exactly when she did, Troy would have come in, gone to bed, gotten up and left early the next morning to another meeting with our co-worker Jay. I would have later gone down to the garage to make the morning school run only to discover that my car was actually at a train station a couple of miles away!

I told my husband that he should be happy because this whole episode made me laugh at him much more than his jokes (he is always moaning that I don't laugh at his jokes.) I still grin when I hear Jake's cackle wafting across the night air. Thank goodness nobody called the police because of the noise!

So Happy Birthday Jake! You're getting older than dirt! And we love you lots!


Anskov said...
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Troy said...

Very funny, Heather! I'm glad to make you laugh even if it's at my expense!

What you forgot to mention was the fact that the sprint I made across the gardens to catch Jake in time also involved a frolic through the sprinklers which were running at the time.

Love you,