Life has been quite something around here the past 10 days. Both my boys are sick, and I have not slept through the night more than once in the past 2 weeks. Nicolas has allergic asthma, so I've been getting up every night with him. Last night I didn't have to give him any inhaler puffs, so that was an improvement. I did have to get up and try and kill a mosquito that was tormenting him (that boy is a mosquito magnet.) and then to turn off the vaporizer since the tank only holds eight hours worth of water. Who designs these things?

Troy has had some sort of flu thing for the past several days with achy body and slight fever. It's 8:23 and he's been in bed for half an hour! Everything feels slightly off kilter.

Anyway, that's the news from here. Thus no brain power to write anything intelligent!


Anskov said...

um... did I miss something? Is there a picture in this post that I can't view because I'm on a Mac?

How's it going Heather? I hope that the title of this entry doesn't mean you're under the weather.

I was looking online at overseas teaching jobs and saw a couple of postings for Madrid. Do you or Troy know of any jobs teaching English and/or Literature?It would be fun to be there with y'all.

Heather said...

Duh! I forgot to change the text color after I wrote it. I'm glad you noticed! Now you can read it.

There are tons of people here trying to make a living teaching English...and it's not too easy. You should talk to Janelle (who we met through you knowing her sister from Latte or whatever that was.) If you are really serious I can try and get you concrete info.