Scrappin' with my hubby

The movie we were going to rent today turned out to be only in French so we decided not to watch it. We debated whether we should watch one of our movies but decided instead to do some scrapbooking!

My (or Troy's to be exact) nieces got me into this hobby several years ago. More than a year ago when discussing hobbies we could do together, Troy expressed interest in doing some scrapbooking with me. Wow, I was impressed. Tonight we actually did somethinga bout it!

I have to say it was pretty funny at first. I kept piling things on the table in front of him: stickers of all sizes and shapes, paper, funky scissors, pens, templates. He kind of rolled his eyes at me and asked how on earth he was supposed to know what all I had and where to start...

It was fun! He started a scrapbook of his very own with pictures of when he was in the hospital at age 2 after having been run over by his parent's car in their driveway. He finished a two-page layout!

Here's some proof.

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