Sometimes I forget how great it can be just to spend time with another woman. I spent this afternoon with my friend Becca, and it did me a world of good. We had lunch in Madrid, then wandered around a few stores and for a grand finale, stopped at Ben & Jerry's. (For those of you who live in Madrid, take note: They are giving away free ice cream on April 19!)

I don't know what exactly makes spending time with a kindred spirit such a balm for my weary soul. Sure, we shared struggles and complaints about our lives. We picked out all the same clothes and had the same reaction (too expensive!) There was no difficulty at all deciding what two flavors of ice cream we were going to get (Dublin Mudslide and Mint Chocolate Chip.) It was relaxing and encouraging and just plain fun.

I guess there is something life-giving in just having time to sit down without the demands of home, family, ministry, life and being able to just be me. To talk to someone who understands me, or at very least can relate to me. It's the chance to be really real and vulnerable with someone who is not going to judge, or condemn.

There's nothing like girlfriend time! Thanks Becca. Here's to the 19th!

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8thLight said...

Wow, this is the first time I have been in a blog. Does that make me a bloggEE? Or just blogified? Anyway, it was great being with ya.
It is so important to have friends who are willing to let you just be and who know a good ice cream flavor when they see it...
to life and friendship! Bec
Hey, now I am also a bloggER..