More Saga

Yesterday I felt about 100 years old. I was so tired I took a nap after lunch. It was one of those naps where you dream and drool on the pillow. Lovely image eh? I was supposed to go into the city last night for a worship evening at the 24/7 prayer room but I just could not face getting on the train and going. So I stayed home with my family. Good choice.

I suppose I need to share a bit more of the continuing saga. For those of you who count words I'll be brief. And no ratings please! And yes, I will use sarcasm. (How are those for disclaimers? You know who you are!)

Yesterday was five weeks after I ordered the ADSL line from Company B. I called them and they were completely clueless. They did not seem to know the original date that I signed up and they could not tell me where my ADSL pack might be. They were quite bewildered about it. I have to say, this did nothing to make me feel good about their service!

Then I did the unthinkable. I called the "BIG" telephone company in Spain which held the monopoly for so long. I truly do not like them, nor do I trust them much. And I really would rather give the new little guys my business. However, I got immediate (and I'm talking IMMEDIATE) help from their customer service. Thankfully, since I don't actually HAVE the ADSL pack from Company B, my line was miraculously clear. So I signed up. They promised I would be online in no more than 20 days, and I also get free local calls. I have a little more hope now because someone I know actually did get their router from this company fairly quickly.

I cannot believe I willingly agreed to wait for up to 20 more days. At this point I am feeling a little battered by this whole process. I wanted to sit down in a corner and suck my thumb (something I gave up years ago) and do a little sniveling.

The worst thing is that we still will probably not be back online before we go to Portugal, and I don't feel good about leaving our angelic child minders without access. I'm going to have to give them a blank check for dialup!

Nothing is simple these days. It's scary to think that I am actually looking forward to the 7-hour bus ride we'll be taking to Portugal!

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Anskov said...

Hang in there, Junebug. All will be well. I always get so mad at myself for how dependent I've become on technology. As a child, I always thought I'd build a log cabin and live off the land. Ah, well. There's always retirement.