The End of the Saga

Well, the long journey is over. I am happy to say that I can sit here and write this without having to load the page and disconnect the modem! I'm almost giddy with the freedom to IM people (although several people have mysteriously signed off as soon as I sent them a message...perhaps they aren't happy to see me back? :) ) and to use my Smiley Central smiles in my emails again!

This is how the saga ended: Troy and I went to Portugal for a retreat with our mission. I had left instructions for our angelic childminders to refuse any deliveries from Company B. On February 23, almost 7 weeks after I signed up with them, they tried to deliver their pack. Fifteen to 20 days??? And TWO hours after they came, Company C delivered their wireless router, so now all my friends with wireless can come and hang out at my house and read their email at the same time! So far Company B has not called to enquire why we sent their pack back!

So now I am happily reading blogs, posting comments, downloading my bank statements and all sorts of other random things, including being ignored by people on IM. Pure bliss!

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