Mama Told Me There Would Be Days Like This (sing it with me!)

Tuesday evenings are "me" time. Troy leads a group in the city every Tuesday evening and once I get the kids in bed, it's time that I can do whatever I want! If things go as planned, a Tuesday evening might include home-made sushi and a movie :)

Let me tell you, today is not going to be one of those Tuesdays!

It's been a crazy day. In between staff meeting, a haircut (OK, that was a nice spot) doing some follow up work from our team launch, and doing the afternoon school run, I have been to the bank twice to try and make a deposit. Tomorrow is the 1st and that means all sorts of bills are going to be pouring into my Spanish bank account. And how much is in there. Um, around 8 euro I think. Both times the ATM was unable to help me due to some random reason. The second time I had about a 15 minute window before I had to be home so Troy could take the car to catch the train to be at his meeting. Hmmm. So now the plan is to get up at 7 tomorrow morning and buzz to the bank BEFORE the bank day starts. OK, not the best plan but workable.

But the day gets more interesting!

At dinner with my charming children, my son upchucked all over the bench. That made my leek soup seem fairly unappealing. I set Meg to doing her homework and put Nic in the bath. Did I mention that I am also hosting a baby shower tomorrow morning for the Mom's & Toddlers group and that my house will be overrun with small children? In the midst of all this, there are phones ringing all over the house. If I am in the kitchen, it's the land-line and of course I do not have the cordless with me. When I go down to the office, it's my mobile phone that I left in the kitchen. (I've gotten smarter now. I have both phones within reach!) My husband calls to cheerily remind me that tomorrow is the first and it's my turn to send out our email update.

It's only 6:30 but Nic says he is ready for bed after his extremely short bath. This is not a good sign. I get him dried and in pajamas. The moment we are done with prayers and the ever important saying of the bedtime rules, he does it again. With great force and volume. In a moment of utter motherly abandonment, I have to step in the hall to wait for him to finish (I am a sympathetic puker!) What kind of a mother am I? So I run another bath and collect the piles of nasty laundry. A few stray items get dropped on the way downstairs, but I make it finally with no gagging.

In the meantime, the phones are still ringing and my daughter is shouting for help with her homework. Math homework, which is not my department. Thankfully it's fractions, so I manage. In a couple of years she'll be in trouble with my math help.

I clean up and remake Nic's bed and get him dressed again. This time I dose him with some anti-nausea medicine (so far it's working and he's nicely asleep.) Meg has her bath and while she's in there I check her homework and find she has done a couple of them wrong. So after the bath and the pajamas and the complaints that her ""electric toothbrush is not charged, Mom!" (again, what kind of mother am I?) we fix the homework and she goes to bed.

The kitchen floor is now mopped and now I just have to go upstairs and tidy up the chaotic playroom so that all the kids can trash it again tomorrow. And send out the email about the follow-up work we did earlier because it is due at the end of the month!

Guess what? My husband just called. Only one person showed up to group so he is on his way home! So much for "me" Tuesday. I think I'll go to the bank again and let him tidy up the toys!



Christof Weber said...

Feather Ant,

You still write beautifully!

My favorite lines were:

"That made my leek soup seem fairly unappealing."

"With great force and volume. In a moment of utter motherly abandonment, I have to step in the hall to wait for him to finish (I am a sympathetic puker!)"

I too am a sympathetic puker, and felt a "rumbly in my tumbly" as I read about your interesting evening!

You are also a far more faithful blogger than I am, but at some point you can check out my musings at
http://onbeingintensional.blogspot.com (it's a bit dated now ... maybe one of these days I'll add some more thoughts).

Have a wonderful Christmas!


SpoilSport said...


I like you're blog and I miss you. You haven't posted since 11/30/04? Wow! I guess it's not easy for a Mom to grab time to do that sort of thing.

Only 10 more months until I darken your door.